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50% of the workforce will need
by 2025.
Are you ready?

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Take the assessment to figure out how strong is your organization’s learning culture.


Take an assessment made for HR managers and C-level executives that will evaluate whether your corporate culture enables self-development and continuous learning.

Assess your readiness

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With as much as 40% of skills in the average job changing by 2025, employers globally are turning to empower a culture of self-development and continuous learning. It assumes the responsibility of learning being transferred from the instructor to the learner, as well as prepares employees for continuously adapting their skill set for the future.

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Does your organization have a strong self-development culture?
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Do your employees engage in continuous learning and have a supporting system built for that?
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Which parts of the process do you need to focus on to improve organizational learning culture?

What is learning culture?

The Corporate Executive Board* defines it as “conditions that support an open mindset, encourage an independent search for knowledge and welcome shared learning that focuses on not only the mission but the goals of an organization”.

* Grossman, R. J. (2015, January 5). How to Create a Learning Culture. SHRM.

Organizations that have succeeded in implementing continuous learning as a “way of life” are highly benefitting. Agility, change embracing, and exploitation, constant knowledge sharing - is only a small part of aspects that continuous learning has a positive effect on. To read more about learning organizations, visit the HBR article

Why is it important?

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