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Is your team

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Teams with strong learning habits perform better.*


UpMatched is a self-development app helping teams define, assess, and improve skills that matter for their careers. 

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How do you boost learning culture in your team?

Choose skills for continuous development

Learning starts with understanding skills. Help each teammate define skills that matter for their careers. 

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Set up actionable learning plans

Make sure each team member defines a set of tasks and actions to improve in chosen skills. 

Engage with relevant feedback and get reminders

Encourage feedback for your team, as well as automate reminders based on their learning plans

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Track your team's progress

Keep your finger on the pulse of learning at your team and get actionable insights real-time.

Not sure whether your team is learning enough?

It can be measured by how often do your employees engage in activities when they learn:

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 from content

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 from others

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by doing

Use this template for a 3-min survey in your team and see how your team compares to benchmarks.


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