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With our upskilling module, you help your employees grow in their current career path. This module features: 


  • Guidance for employees for creating personalized learning plans

  • Self-evaluation of critical skills for tracking learning progress

  • Suggestions for tasks and activities to develop critical skills

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Users are able to create learning plans based on skills that are relevant for their current job and employer.

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Suggestions for to-dos and tasks help advance in critical skills. These tasks are chosen and added by users to their learning plans.

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Users are invited to do a self-evaluation, estimating their current knowledge level in chosen skills and setting desired targets in skill levels while moving along the learning journeys. 

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Users can see insights on how many colleagues are working on the same skill and how their skill level compares to their team.

To bring in a fresh perspective, users can also set buddies that automatically receive feedback requests whenever a new level of skill is reached.

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